5 Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Relocating

Time always seems to move fast when you are preparing for a big relocation. This may be because of all the stress and anxieties you are feeling about transferring to a different place.

This could also be due to the fact that you will be doing a lot of things in preparation for your relocation. These include informing the bank and postal office about your change in address, disconnecting the utilities, and of course, the most time-consuming task: packing.

Because you have too much on your plate, it can be easy to make mistakes that could cause you a number of problems, and more valuable time lost, once you arrive at your new home.

Preparing Well for the Big Relocation

To experience a stress-free relocation, trusted removalists from Campbelltown say you have to avoid these onerous mistakes when making your preparations:

  1. Choosing the wrong removal schedule

In general, removal companies have higher rates during the summer. As such, if you can choose your relocation date, avoid scheduling this during the summer.

Additionally, there is usually a high demand for removalists on the last day of the month. Because of this, some removalists may charge higher for relocations that happen during these dates. Although this date may be more convenient for you, if you don’t want to spend more than you have to on the task, select a different schedule.

  1. Not devoting enough time to packing your items properly

As already mentioned, time flies fast when you are preparing for a big relocation. Because of the numerous things you have to do, which includes preparing your new home, you may find yourself packing your belongings two or three days before the actual relocation.

And because of this limited time, you may end up wrapping your precious and fragile items with newspaper, putting them in the box haphazardly, and praying for the best.

If you don’t want to arrive at your new home with no plates, glasses, and kitchen appliances to use because they are all broken, give yourself plenty of time to pack everything properly. Make sure you have all the necessary packing supplies and follow the right packing steps.

Don’t forget to prepare a survival bag as well. Put the essentials in this bag including some clothes, beddings, towel, toiletries, some food and dining ware, and your medicines and supplements. This is to ensure you have things to use in case the removal truck arrives late.     

  1. Packing everything

Packing and transporting everything you own is a common mistake that many people relocating make. This mistake does not only add unnecessary costs to your relocation, but your prep work will be doubled and more stressful as well.

When relocating, keep in mind that there are many items in your home you can get rid of or leave behind. You can sell or donate some of these items or throw away the things that are already old and unusable.

  1. Failing to create a removal inventory list

Not creating a list of all the items you have packed and will be transporting is a costly mistake. Without an inventory, you will forget the specific items that are in the box. If there are breakables inside a box and you did not label it as fragile, there is a big chance you will discover all the contents are damaged once you start unpacking.

When relocating, keep in mind that an inventory list is your best friend. With this list, you will stay organized and have an easier time keeping tabs on all your possessions. When the packages are delivered to your new home, you won’t have any difficulties matching the number of boxes you receive with your list as well.

You will also find it easier to know what each box contains and to proceed with the whole unpacking process if you label each box with its contents.

  1. Hiring a dubious removal company

Lastly, you may be tempted to hire a removal company that offers the lowest rates because you have a tight budget. However, do not under any circumstance choose a company based on price alone, because this can really cost you.

Aside from dealing with unprofessional removalists that will not take care of all your valuable possessions, you may end up having insufficient insurance that won’t even be enough to have a broken appliance repaired.

As such, when choosing a removal company, check their license, coverage, and reviews online. Make sure you will hire professionals to handle all your belongings.  

Giving yourself enough time to prepare for your relocation will ensure you will go through a stress-free process. Avoiding these common mistakes will also go a long way in helping you make a smoother transition.


Kim Hill works on Marketing at Adams & Rofe Removals and Storage and has been a dynamic figure in the removal industry for over 30 years. For relocating families, individuals or offices around Sydney or all over Australia, Kim will develop the perfect removal plan to take the stress out of your next move.


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