5 Fun Recycling Projects With Plastic Bottles

5 Fun Recycling Projects With Plastic Bottles

Plastic bottles are among the most common wastes we have in the world today. It is also a typical material for packaging and other commodities, which is why we have plenty of it hanging around. Sometimes, even if you try to be as eco-friendly as possible, plastic bottles are just unavoidable. So, instead of ranting about it or doing nothing at all, why not reuse them and recycle?

Recycling and reusing plastic bottles are essential for the health of the environment. Doing so will also minimize harmful impacts on our planet, and it will allow you to save some money. Aside from plastic bottle DIY projects, you can also try getting an Extra Cheap Rubbish Removal service to be extra eco-friendly.

With that said, here are five fun and easy projects to make using plastic bottles.

  1. Plastic Bottle Organizers

If you find yourself with a lot of soda bottles lying around the house, put them to good use by turning them into organizers. There are many ways on how you can turn bottles into useful supply cups and will ultimately depend on your style and on-hand resources.

To give you some inspiration, here are a few ideas on what to do with the bottles.

  • Pen, pencil, and crayon holder
  • Pen and pencil case (You can glue a strip of the zipper so you can keep the items organized and safe.)
  • Craft supplies organizer
  1. Plastic Bottle Planter

If you’re a plant lover and a certified recycler, reuse medium to large sized bottles and turn them into individual planters. You can just cut the bottle in half or add your twist and create a uniquely-shaped one. Paint it, cut some holes on the bottom if needed, and add you’re ready to welcome a new planter in your home.

  1. Plastic Bottle Watering Can

The regular watering can we know ofis usually made of aluminum. However, you can also use plastic bottles and turn them into watering cans. You can customize it however you like by painting and designing it. Even better, set up different sizes of plastic bottles for watering so your children can help you out with gardening chores.

  1. Plastic Bottle Scooper

This particular hack works best with plastic jugs, such as milk cartons, since it has more surface area than typical bottles. Cut out a scoop-shape out of the container including the handle. Now you have a scooper for your garden, the beach, or even animal food.

  1. Plastic Bottle Snack Storage

Choosing a specific bottle shape for this project can be tricky, but the solution is to determine whether your favorite snacks will fit in the actual opening. This DIY is very simple as it only requires for you to transfer your items in the recycled container. For it to be aesthetically pleasing, remove the labels or cover the lid with decorative tapes or paint. Use this for your stash of coffee grounds, nuts, or condiments like salt, sugar, and creamer.

Final Word

Whenever you are in need of something, make sure to scan through your storage or pantry before heading out to buy a new one from the store. There’s always a huge chance that you can find what you need, or at least the material to use, for your next project.

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