5 Fabulous False Ceiling Ideas For Your Living Room Decor

5 Fabulous False Ceiling Ideas For Your Living Room Decor

False ceilings are a great way to make your home look classy and chic. It’s easy to install lights for false ceilings cover up the hardware leaving a neat look. For people who are considering this, this article has some false ceiling tips for you.

Advantages of false ceilings

  • Aesthetics:False ceilings can be used to make mood specific lighting. They give a sort of elegance look to your room.
  • Conceal hardware:The wiring of the lights or your sound system or of your television set can be covered by a false ceiling thus leaving the room free from tangled and messy wires.
  • Insulation: False ceilings can block sound waves and thus gives the room better acoustics. They also block heat from surroundings.
  • Energy efficient: False ceilings absorb heat and thus reduce the load on ACs and cooler and help in saving energy.

How to decorate false ceilings

  • Shapes: False ceilings can be designed in plenty of shapes. A normal rectangular ceiling or circular shapes can be made. Some ceilings even have irregular or amoeboid shapes. There are a lot of options to choose from, and if not, you can always make up your own ideas. Ceilings can make the room size look bigger, provided you fit the right kind of false ceiling.
  • Height:An optimum distance of 9 feet must be maintained between the floor and the ceiling. This is so that nobody can touch the ceiling fans and hurt themselves. A height of less than 9 feet from the floor will lead fans to be even beneath and the blades might hit someone.
  • Lights: False ceilings facilitate the installation of different kinds of lights like rope lights or hanging lights which cannot be installed after complete construction of concrete ceiling otherwise. You can also have lights inside the ceiling and have it carved to let light pass through a specific pattern.
  • Colours and patterns:You can have a variety of colours on the ceiling. Either same as the walls or something in contrast. You can also have patterns like wood bark or stripes on the false ceiling.
  • Material: To choose the right material for false ceiling, you have to ensure it is a light weight and material and has that texture you want for the ceiling. Plaster of Paris and gypsum are the most common materials used for making false ceilings.

Such false ceilings must be maintained and cleaned regularly. The repair of these if any, has  to be done immediately.

False ceilings can enhance the appearance of the house with ease and class. Some really great designs can make the rooms look bigger or smaller as per requirement. You can have a myriad of shapes and designs that improve the aesthetics.

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