5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Home Security

5 Effective Ways to Boost Your Home Security

Home security is a major concern for most homeowners in Australia and other parts of the world. Even though security systems keep improving, a significant percentage of families still find it difficult to afford them. Integrating the following security tips into your everyday routine is really simple and you don’t need to pay a fortune.

  • Invest in motion sensing light

Burglars may suspect that there is no one at home if you switch on the porch light throughout the day. In view of this, buy motion sensing light that will automatically switch on as soon as it detects infrared waves. It can also help to reduce your energy bills. Digital timers will come in handy whenever you’re on a vacation. They are useful for controlling indoor lights remotely.

  • Reinforce doors and locks

Most homeowners were victims of theft because they failed to lock or repair their doors. Always keep it in mind to lock all the entry doors including your garage doors and sliding doors. It’s imperative to change weak locks and replace loose screws with longer ones as soon as possible. A weak door jamb can even increase the risks of experiencing a break-in. The best thing is to strengthen it with long screws and sturdy strike plate. Call a professional locksmith in Bondi, Randwick & Surry Hills to handle the task if you lack the required skills and tools.   

  • Restrict unauthorized access

Avoid leaving anything that can assist burglars to gain access into your home outside. Ladders, hammer, metal bars, pry bar and garden tools are crucial for several home improvement projects. Ensure that you return them to the basement, shed or garage once you’re through with each task. They can be used by thieves to break windows or enter your home through the second floor without any hassle.

  • Beef up your windows

Good ventilation is important for every home. You need to open the windows each day in order to purify indoor air. Inasmuch as you want the best for your household, burglars won’t stop at anything just to achieve their goals. Protect your home by purchasing locks for your first-floor, ground level, and basement windows. Bracers can be used for securing windows with AC units. Another option is to install window shades when you’re on a holiday so that intruders won’t know whether people are at home or not.    

  • Use an alarm system

Although an alarm system won’t stop a break-in directly, it can deter unscrupulous individuals from carrying out their evil plans. Get back up batteries or use a solar powered alarm system in case of power outages. In addition, disable old codes and limit false alarm if you want to be taken seriously when something really happens. Inexpensive security cameras can also be installed on your entry doors to improve security.   

Encourage every occupant of your home to adopt these security measures and lead by example. They are bound to become daily habits in no time.

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