4 Things To Know About Cooler Tower Maintenance

4 Things To Know About Cooler Tower Maintenance

A cooler tower is a vital part of many industrial facilities. In many countries, companies are required by law to have it installed and working properly at all times. We know that staying compliant is a very challenging task, especially when the numbers of processes that have to be managed multiply.

To help you stay on top of your cooler tower maintenance efforts, we decided to share with you 4 things that you must know about it.

Why Cooler Tower Requires Maintenance

No matter how sophisticated and high-tech your cooler tower is, it will require you to regularly maintain it for it to work as intended. Whether your tower uses water or fans to regulate the airflow over time, some elements will wear down. The cooler tower will start performing under its capacity due to the malfunctioning chillers or the build-up of various substances.

From time to time, you will need to find chiller repair service provider to get the cooler tower up and running, or you will have to get the tubes cleaned, to prevent the breakdown of the entire system.

Poor Airflow Can Cause a Lot of Damage

The quality and the temperature of the air depend on airflow and fan performance. Over time, the airflow may become interrupted, thus significantly decreasing the performance of your cooler tower, leading to hotter air and putting a lot of strain on the fans.

This can all be prevented if you regularly maintain your cooler tower. Regular inspection will help you discover and replace damaged fan blades, align your fans, and get your gearbox in check.

Regular Maintenance Means No Clogged Tubes

Maintenance can also help you protect your chiller and postpone chiller repair as long as possible. There are a lot of tubes in your chiller and they will start to clog over time.

If they clog completely, your units will underperform, if not stop working completely. If you regularly maintain your chiller tubes, you will prevent blockages and remove the debris easier.

Water Pump Cuts Down Electrical Bills

If your chiller system is using the water, you should know that the water pump is the most vital part of your system. The more efficient it is, the better your system will perform. Regular maintenance will ensure that your pump is not overworking itself (it should only work when the chiller is).

These are the most important things you should know about cooler tower maintenance. Feel free to read other online resources to learn more about the importance of these practices.

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